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So i got there at 11:30 ish, and there was a line already, but not too crowded. So i was happy! I also got the wristband, because i was one of the 100 people. <3 I was like WOOHOO. I seriously love the Ktown Verizon worker, they’re all mostly asians & they were so chill/nice. They put tent over us, because it was hot & also gave us cold water bottles. Cos when i read people fan post from other city meet&greet the worker was all beetches. ;p So they did games and stuff, a lot of people won tickets and earphones. The waiting didn’t felt that long for me, idk why. So Jay didnt come from outside, because suddenly he went out from inside the store… & EVERYONE went CRAZY! Since I was short, i couldn’t see him :( But oh wells! The line started moving, and when i was next to the window… i was peeking through the blinds & taadaah there he was! I WAS LIKE OMGGG, he is so cuteee! &me and my sis started freaking out. Junior was right infront of the window too ;p So I finally got inside, &thats when i started getting so nervous…&the worker was all like…girllll, ask for a hug, dont be scared <3 LOLOL & i was like can i kiss him instead? She’s like you should ask ;p i was like NAAH. haha It was finally my turn…& I said HI to Junior first..haha and he’s all like HELLO! (: So then…

Jay: hi there! (:

Me: hi jay ;D…..(starstruck)

Me: Can i have a hug?

Jay: Ofcourse, but lets take a picture first.

Me: Okay, *&iwas shaking when they took the pic.*

Jay: * Smiles & open his arm for a hug*

Me: & I hugged him..ahhhh…he was so warm! <3

Jay: Thank you so much for coming. (:

Me: Ehuh (: (: (:

His VOICE was so sexy, it was so mellow & soft…like he’s singing to me. LOLOL I think I’m crazy. -_-

& my mind was blank, I totally forgot to show him my nails :(

& i forgot to ask him to write my name on the poster.

UGHHH, & i was too starstruck…that i couldn’t stare at him for long.

akhsdfkjahskdlfhakldjs, oh wells!

Poor baby, he looks so tireeeed :( But he’s stil gorgeous & nice to me.

I should’ve talk to him longer, waaah! But the worker was so chill, they didnt even tell us to hurry! & they let us take pictures of him when we’re inside! (;

I guess after all the 5 hours wait was worth it <3

P.s. My sister told me that Jay Park laughed at her…Cos she was shaking so bad, that she couldn’t open her poster! -.- I’m so jealous. ;p

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